Discover Your Power Position

Unveil the True You


Discover Your Power Position: Unveil The True You
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Introducing "Discover Your Power Position: Unveil The True You." This extraordinary workbook is your compass on the path to self-revelation. With each page, you'll uncover the profound significance of your name, intricately woven into your unique purpose. Discover the primary way Abba Father communicates with you – whether you're a seer, hearer, knower, or feeler. This revelation is a game-changer, setting you on the path to personal transformation. But that's not all! Our workbook guides you to unearth your hidden strengths. Those qualities you've always considered weaknesses? They're your hidden superpowers, waiting to be harnessed for incredible impact and transformation. This workbook is a powerful tool to help you step out of the shadows of self-doubt and comparison, and into the radiant light of your true self.  

Here's what you can expect from this incredible resource:  
➤ A profound understanding of the spiritual significance of your name.  
➤ Clarity about your primary communication channel with Abba Father.  
➤ The revelation of hidden strengths, transforming weaknesses into superpowers.  
➤ A renewed sense of identity and purpose.  
➤ A life filled with meaning, power, and profound spiritual growth.  

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This resource is your first step towards a life marked by signs, miracles, and wonders.
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